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Why Personal Training?

Personal training is an investment with guaranteed returns. Personal trainers motivate you by getting results! Have you known people who work out regularly, but never seem to get in shape? A personal trainer will design a more effective and efficient workout to meet your specific fitness goals. Your personal trainer can develop a routine that will provide you the maximum results for the minimum time. Guaranteed results mean exactly that, they are guaranteed. Only train with the personal trainers at Advanced Fitness if you are prepared to work hard, get stronger, lose weight and be healthier.

One on One Personal Training

By far the most powerful type of training you can get! Your training program will be designed and implemented by our trainers, based on your personal goals. If you want to get results, train one-on-one. Our experienced Personal Trainers will help you find the motivation to exercise and make fitness a part of your life. Each session is 50-60 minutes long. Sessions must be used a minimum of 2 times per week.